Needed for patients who have ocular misalignment (squint). The ophthalmologist should ascertain the patient’s perception of the problem. Is a single eye crossed or deviated outward? Which eye is involved? Was the onset gradual or sudden, and has the problem occurred before? 

Why Doctor may ask for this Exam?

Eye Doctor may ask for it to see the degrees and deviation before and after pupillary dilation. 

What will happen during this Exam?

In the test, Doctor or Nurse will take a photo for your eyes before and after pupillary dilation, using a special camera in a dim room.

How much time does it takes?

Each test takes about 1-2 minutes. If doctor asks for the test before and after pupillary dilation, then it will take more time, while your pupills get dilated (15-25min) and then do the test again.