Community Services

International Eye Clinic is an active members of its community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. IEC provides a service to those who need it most.

VCS for people with desabilities

To give them hope... to give them a tool... to give them a chance.. to give them a future...
IEC do for people with desabilities vision correction surgeries by Lasik, includding all medical examinations and consultations, before and after surgery. Being part of today's society is hard, and doing it with disabilities is the biggest challange. They already have severe issues that affect the daily lives, IEC relieves one of those problems, correcting their vision through the best and most innovative Lasik refractive surgeries.

Sharing Eyeglases

IEC has a huge glass box for "Sharing Eyeglasses", and invites people that received a Vision Correction Surgery to donate their eyeglasses to those that can not pay a Refractive Surgery, neither to pay eyeglasses. This way, will save eyeglasses frame cost.

Going to School

Children should receive age-appropriate eye health and vision screenings throughout childhood because different childhood eye problems may be detected at each visit and new problems can arise. The major abnormality among school-age children is the unrecognized development and progression of myopic refractive error. IEC periodically visits schools to perform a vision test, to identify and treat preventable visual impairment at the earliest feasible age.

Make a Donation 

IEC receives donations from all over the world, that delivers immediate life-changing eye care to those that need it most.