Our Vision - International Eye Clinic

In 1994 was the opening of the Eye Center of international management, Dr. Iyad Abdul Aziz Riahi consultant Ophthalmology, where he sought since the opening of the center to create a state of consciousness I have people to enable them to achieve maximum visual health they have to promote the concept of Ophthalmology in society in general and patients, especially, and the dissemination of public awareness, thanks to strategies deliberate and steady and long-term to reduce eye diseases as much as possible where he was able Dr. Iyad Riahi so strides in this area through flyers free medical, seminars, health and awareness campaigns, field visits, and electronic communication direct. And through the established concept with Dr. Iyad Riahi principle of justice Alajtmaah able to access to all segments of society by offering effective programs that will give the opportunity for each person to get health care optic without bothering even became the center is now a monument in Ophthalmology locally and Arab and international .




International Eye Clinic

International Eye Center is managed by distinctive and cadres of the prestigious medical centers in the strategic region of the Middle East, where it became arriving from all Arab Countries and internationally of the most important features, thanks to high-quality medical services enshrined in the service of his patients through the use of the latest scientific achievements in medicine and eye surgery, where the center is keen to move all science him to pursue an applied theory and new science and technology and management in this area, making it the international Eye Center station's strategy in the region.




The evolution of International Eye Clinic

The Ophthalmology of more medical science is now linked to the computer where he became Ophthalmology develops rapid development through discovery techniques and devices of high precision can which patients get the best results in the diagnosis and also treatment, and of our awareness is clear that the bulk of the attention of our center is to bring the latest developments in the world of Ophthalmology to reach the utmost professionalism to provide medical services high precision and ease patients can touch it to get better treatment with minimal effort and time and cost, and in this sense could Centre for the Advancement of himself to be far from the centers of entrepreneurship that offer everything The patient needs to be the beginning of the initial diagnostic tests and access to major surgical operations of all types with ease. And your eyes were always with us safely.