Eiad Abdul Aziz Al Ryahy.

Date of Birth : - 9th of April 1963.
Place of Birth :- Rantis.
EducationBSc General Doctor Medicine, Duro-Pucar University, Yugoslavia 1987.
MSc Eye Surgery, Sarajevo 1991 - 1992. Memberships

American Academy of Ophthalmology (A.A.O)
International Society of Refractive Surgery 
Pan Arab African Council of (I.S.R.S).
Pan Arab African Council of
Ophthalmology (P.A.A.E.O). 
Jordanian Ophthalmologic Society (J.O.S). 
Yugoslavian Ophthalmologic Society (Y.O.S). 
Yugoslav Medical Association (Y.M.A).



Paaeoemulsitication 1993 Liubliana.
Jordanian Ophthalmological Society 1994 Amman – Jordan 
The V International Congress of the Pan Arab Council of Ophthalmology  and the Jordanian
Ophthalmological Society in Collaboration with the  Afro – Arab Society of Ophthalmology 1997
Amman – Jordan 
Phacoemalsification 1997 Cairo-Egypt
The V the International Congress of pan Arab African Council of Ophthalmology & the 95th
Congress Egyptian Ophthalmological Society, 1999 Egypt
Lasik Implantation 1999-2000 Dallas USA
Lasik-Intacts 2001 Italy
The Fourth Ophthalmological Congress of the Arab Ophthalmic Association & the first Bahrain
Ophthalmological Conference 2004 Bahrain. 
KERRA-RINGS 2004 Dubai
The third regional Ophthalmological meeting (Jordanian, Syrian & Lebanese) & the seventh
Congress of the Jordanian  Ophthalmological Society (JOS), 2005 Jordan 
Apodized Diffractive IOL Symposia 2005 Dubai.
Dubai International convention center, 2007 Dubai. 


Attended Congresses

Inernational Ophthalmological Congress Yugoslavia, 1989 
Pan Arab African Ophthalmological Congress Jordan , 1993.
ORBIS 1993
Jordanian Ophthalmological Congress Jordan ,1994
Pan Arab African Ophthalmological Congress Egypt, 1999
American Academy of Ophthalmolgy , 2000
Saudia Arabia Ophthalmological Symposium.2000
Pan Arab African Ophthalmological Symposium,2002.
Saudia Arabia Ophthalmological Symposium2002



Eye Specialty Hospital Sarajevo 1991 -1992
Al Basheer Hospital in the EyeClinic1993
Luzmila Hospital Private Clinic 1993
1994 Dr. Eiad opened his own PrivateClinic as well as working in Ibn AlHaitham Hospital,
The Arabic center and specialized
hospital as well as much more. 
AAQ orlando / Florida 2002
PAAQ Beirut 2002
attending a life Intacs implantation lab during SOS symposium 2004
22nd ESCRS congress Paris / France 2004
4th Internation Congress of the Arabic Society of ophalmology and 1st Bahrain Congress
ophthalmolog 2004
Intraocular lens implautation Symposium Dubai 2005
Epilasik procedure using Gebaner’s epitome during PAAQ congress Dubai / UAE 2005
Arabe Health Congress and Exposition in Dubai International Centre 2007
3d ophthalmic Conference( Syrian, Lebanese , Jordanian )
7th Jordanian Congress and the Jordanian ophthalmologica society Amman / Jordan 
9th International Middle east African council of ophthalmology Dubai International centre Dubai