In 1994 was the opening of the Eye Center of international management, Dr. Iyad Abdul Aziz Riahi consultant Ophthalmology, where he sought since the opening of the center to create a state of consciousness I have people to enable them to achieve maximum visual health they have to promote the concept of Ophthalmology in society in general and patients, especially, and the dissemination of public awareness, thanks to strategies deliberate and steady and long-term to reduce eye diseases as much as possible where he was able Dr. Iyad Riahi so strides in this area through flyers free medical, seminars, health and awareness campaigns, field visits, and electronic communication direct. 

And through the established concept with Dr. Iyad Riahi principle of justice Alajtmaah able to access to all segments of society by offering effective programs that will give the opportunity for each person to get health care optic without bothering even became the center is now a monument in Ophthalmology locally and Arab and international .


Eiad Abdul Aziz Al Ryahy. 

Date of Birth : - 9th of April 1963. 
Place of Birth :- Rantis.
EducationBSc General Doctor Medicine, Duro-Pucar University, 
Yugoslavia 1987. MSc Eye Surgery, Sarajevo 1991 - 1992. 

Memberships American Academy of Ophthalmology (A.A.O) 
International Society of Refractive Surgery
Pan Arab African Council of (I.S.R.S). 
Pan Arab African Council of Ophthalmology (P.A.A.E.O). 
Jordanian Ophthalmologic Society (J.O.S). 
Yugoslavian Ophthalmologic Society (Y.O.S). 
Yugoslav Medical Association (Y.M.A).